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    What is the RPG of the Month?

    As a player in the RPG of the month you willl participate

    What is the time commitment?

    Most RPGs of the month will be 9-12 hours a month split over 3-4 weeks

    How experienced with Tabletop RPGs do I need to be?

    No experience is required.

    What system will be using for x RPG of the Month?

    For most months we will be using a simple six sided dice system called Powered-by-the-Apocalypse (PbtA). PbtA games can work for every genre from cyberpunk to fantasy, to 40K.

    How difficult is it to learn the PbtA system?

    It’s pretty easy. Most of the time you roll 2 six sided dice and then add any modifiers. On a 10+ you succeed the way you described. On a 7-9 you succeed but at a cost (something doesn’t work quite the way you wanted), On a 6 or less you fail.

    Each player will have a playbook of moves they can use that include any spells, special actions, or social specialties that your character can use. Pick a move, roll some dice and move the story forward.

    How many people can play in a game series?

    Up to six not including the game master (KommanderK in most cases)

    Do I have to buy any software or books?


    How do I sign up?

    I’m super excited to have you join me! Find a genre(s) that looks appealing to you and put in a quick app in the appropriate month. HSTL members can sign up as soon as a topic is posted. Two weeks before the game starts if there are any vacant spots the genre will be opened to the public via Roll20 and Reddit.

    What if I’d rather just manipulate the game world for fun, profit, or mischief?

    Check out the RPG of the Month Meta-Game

    Can I just listen in on the fun?

    Sure! Just make sure you let the players do the talking, and keep distractions to a minimum (Don’t ruin their “immersion”). Save all the jibes for before/after the session.

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