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Grand Theft Auto V Community Event Tomorrow!

Tomorrow – Saturday, August 15th – at 9:30 PM EST there will be a Hostile Paradigm Community Event in Grand Theft Auto V. Grab your best car and gun and be ready for shenanigans!

March Update

The last couple of months has seen a number of community games pass through. ARMA 3 has seen some play and will likely see more when the Marksman DLC releases. The Marksman DLC is currently on the Steam development build for the game. More recently Payday 2 has been picked up again by several members of the community. Robocraft and Transformice also made short appearances as community games but have since mostly fallen by the wayside for now.

Star Citizen has also seen its 1.1 update today. This put the Retaliator in the hangar, lets you fly the Gladius, and offers up a co-op free flight mode complete with places to land. Rumor has it that you may be able to get out and even enter other ships. The 1.1 patch really needs a full reinstall to download properly so make sure that you uninstall your current version using the uninstall icon in your Star Citizen directory. On the bright side, 1.1 also paves the way for the FPS module due to arrive at the end of the month… which means we should likely see it early in April. A month after that the social module should also be coming online with Arena Commander 2.0 and multicrewed ships seeing battle sometime in summer.

Star Citizen has seen a slight uptick in play already and I would like to encourage everyone interested to get some flight time in – even if FPS combat is more what you plan to specialize in. Hopefully we will also be able to get some co-op free flight going along with some co-op vanduul swarm.