HSTL Overwatch Event

Come Overderp with us! We can act as team of 6 and take on the world or derp against each other in custom games.

** Rescheduled to Wednesday, the 22nd **

Tactical Tuesday: R6 Seige

Come play 8v8 R6 Siege with Talos and Soikkam, new players and players wanting to learn/re-learn the basics welcome!

Club Penguin Rapture with Murkle

Monday, Feb. 20 2017 @ 8pm EST


“Club penguin is shutting down soon and we gotta do the thing and play a game made for 7 year olds. HELL YEAH. There’s trivia we can play, and mini games everywhere. Name your penguin and then at the end we will see who can get banned the fastest.” – hosted by Murkle (Milkywaygalaxy)


Recommended you sign up ahead of time, as it requires an email registration. (https://secured.clubpenguin.com/penguin/create)

CS:GO Hide and Seek with Tim

A really fun CS:GO game mode that is easy to learn and panic inducing, in a good way.

February 19 @ 7:00 pm8:00 pm EST